The Ideal Timer

Detailed Description

The I-Timer is a direct replacement for the stock Model T mechanical timer that provides precise coil activation and never needs maintenance.  Start on battery and run on Magneto or battery as usual.  The I-Timer is immune to timing cover misalignment and provides precise and uniform ignition coil activation without contact wiper bounce, skip, wear, arcing or other flaws associated with mechanical timers and does not require periodic maintenance or replacement.  Simply replace your mechanical timer with the I-Timer and enjoy smooth, optimal engine performance at any engine speed with properly adjusted stock Model T coils.  Imagine never having to remember to clean, lubricate or replace your timer ever again!

Pricing and Availability

The I-Timer cost is $399.95.  Discounts on ECCT equipment are offered to encourage folks to get and use proper tools to adjust their coils to achieve the best engine performance possible.  The discounts are as follows:  

  • $50 off the purchase of an ECCT 
  • $75 off the purchase of an ECCT + Advanced Features Software OR ECCT + Magneto Test option 
  • $100 off the purchase of an ECCT + Advanced Features Software AND  Magneto Test option  

The I-Timer is now in production.  Please visit the I-Timer Store for further details.

Information about the Electronically Cranked Coil Tester (ECCT) is available at:


Do I still need good Model T coils with the I-Timer?

  • Yes, the coils must have good windings, good points, good condenser/capacitor and the points Must be properly adjusted to achieve good engine performance.  We highly recommend the Electrically Cranked Coil Tester (ECCT).  Please visit: for information about the ECCT.  Discounts are available for I-Timer owners.

Does the I-Timer run on Magneto?

  • Yes!  Start on battery, Run on battery OR Magneto just like the stock timer

Can I get free starts using the I-Timer?

  • Yes! Same as a stock timer

Can I start on magneto using the I-Timer?

  • No,  the I-Timer will not start on magneto

I don't have a functioning magneto, can I still use an I-Timer?

  • Yes, but performance on 6V Battery may not be as good as operating on 12V Battery or Magneto

Does the I-Timer provide Automatic Timing Advance when operating on battery?

  • No.  The I-Timer is a direct replacement for the Stock timer which does not provide timing advance operating on battery.

Will the I-Timer make my engine perform better than the stock timer?

  • Yes, the I-Timer provides reliable coil activation, precisely synchronized with piston position without contact bounce, wiper skip or contact arcing associated with mechanical timers.  This, of course,  assumes use of good coils with good points that have been properly adjusted.  

I-Timer Testimonials

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