Latest News: See the I-Timer at Hershey 2019!

See the I-Timer at Hershey 2019!

Chocolate Field C2A 61

  • The Ideal Timer is now available!
  • Performance reports have been outstanding

The Ideal Timer

What is an Ideal timer?

  • Its's a direct replacement for the stock timer
  • Provides reliable and consistent coil activation
    • Precisely synchronized with piston position
    • Immune to timing cover misalignment
  • Solid electrical contact without:
    • Contact bounce
    • Wiper skip
    • Contact wear
    • Destructive contact arcing
  • Maintenance Free
  • Never wears out

Now that's an Ideal Timer!

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I-Timer and ECCT Package Deals

I-Timer + ECCT

I-Timer and ECCT coil tester package offer;  Save $50

I-Timer + ECCT + Software

I-Timer + ECCT coil tester + Advanced Features Software; Save $125

I-Timer + ECCT + Magneto Test

I-Timer + ECCT coil tester + Magneto Test capability.  Save $125

I-Timer+ECCT+Software+Magneto Test

I-Timer + ECCT + Advanced Features Software + Magneto Test Capability; Save $200

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